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Principal’s Welcome

A warm welcome is extended to all children, their parents, extended families and friends to St Damian’s parish and school community.

We acknowledge that parents are the children’s prime educators and consider ourselves privileged to work in this partnership. The school has a long history of valuing its traditions and unique culture. As our world changes we are changing our approach to learning and teaching, as we believe in educating our students for life.

We pride ourselves in providing quality education which nurtures each child’s spiritual and educational growth, within a supportive and caring environment. We accept that it is our responsibility to provide a balanced curriculum that is relevant to each child and will enable them to learn the skills and knowledge that are required in our contemporary world. At St Damian’s we view ourselves as a ‘Community of Learners.’

Father Vincent Le, the staff and I anticipate that all who become associated with St Damian’s will find it a secure, happy and exciting place to be.

Rosanna Piccolo

Our Vision

Alive in the Spirit, we journey together, engaging with the present, shaping the future.

St Damian’s Catholic School Vision 2011


St. Damian’s Parish Primary School was established on 26th April 1966. Growth was rapid during the next ten years and by 1977, the enrolment had grown to 550 pupils. This growth continued, with the school reaching its peak at 780 pupils in the early 80’s.

From its beginning, St. Damian’s School developed under the care of the Sisters of the Order of St. Clare (Poor Clares), who came from Sydney for the express purpose of conducting the school and establishing a religious community to assist in the building of the new Parish. Sister Angela was the first Principal for two years followed by Sister Germaine and then Sister Louise.

St. Damian & St. Cosmas

Damian and Cosmas were twin brothers who were born in Arabia. They were very famous students of science and both became excellent doctors.

Cosmas and Damian saw in every patient a brother in Christ. For this reason, they showed great charity to all and treated their sicknesses to the best of their ability. Yet no matter how much care a patient required, neither Cosmas nor Damian ever accepted any money for their services. For this reason, they were called by a name in Greek, which means, “The moneyless ones.”

Every chance they had, the two Saints told their patients about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and because the people all loved these twin doctors, they listened to them willingly. Cosmas and Damian often brought health back to both the bodies and the souls of those who came to them for help.

When the persecution of Christians began in their city, the Saints were arrested at once, for they had never tried to hide their great love for the Christian Faith. They were tortured, but nothing could make them give up their belief in Christ. They had lived for Him and had brought so many souls to His love. So they were put to death. These holy martyrs are named in the Cannon, the most solemn part of the Mass.

They are included in the Litany of the Saints, and were the last Saints to be added to the Canon of the Mass. Chemists, physicians, surgeons and dentists regard the holy brothers as their Patron Saints. Their feast day is September 26th.

In 1966 when Fr. Dunlop chose St. Damian as our patron saint, we were the only parish in Australia dedicated to St. Damian. As far as we know we still are!

School Day – Bell Times

8:45 am
School Begins

10:50 am
Eating Bell

11- 11:30 am

1:30 pm
Eating Bell

1:40- 2:20 pm

3:15 pm
School Ends

School Prayer

Loving God, We thank you for St. Damian who was a messenger of God, a healer of the sick and a protector of children. Guided by St. Damian, we strive to be generous, compassionate and selfless through our words and actions.

Help us to be caring and supportive of one another in the way we act, speak and listen. Inspire us each day to build friendships, as modelled by Jesus, based on love and trust. Help us to live our faith each day as we learn and work together as a community. Amen

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